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  1. Timaree Torres says:

    Hey Bill: Interesting thoughts. I kind of agree with you.
    The hype is not matching the statistics. But I am still watching it closely.
    The concerns for me are if it mutates, then we could have something worse. Or… if it truly follows the pattern of the flu in 1918 that everyone is referencing, I have read that that one was mild in the Spring, died down by summer, and then came back with a vengeance in the fall/winter and killed millions. I’m not totally convinced yet that this is the same thing.

    Now I see things a little different. I’m more concerned about the government taking advantage here and things like martial law, forced vaccines, loss of freedoms, etc. To me, that is scarier than the flu.

    The swine flu does not necessarily scare me. I am studying to be an herbalist, I have a different approach to dealing with it and I’m not worried. I think the medical way of dealing with the flu is dangerous and why so many die. Now I know that’s probably a controversial opinion. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me.

    But I do agree with you, that the coverage certainly seems to be overhyped. Wonder why?

  2. Good point, Timaree. The scariest thing is probably what people in power may do to take advantage of the situation; they’re already going for our money, what else will they try to take away from us during a hyped up frenzy.

    And when I say “people in power”, it’s not only people in government (regardless of political affiliation), but anyone who has wide influence or power. Fear and ignorance has ALWAYS been a tool of the powerful and manipulative, and I don’t think this is any different. Free yourselves.

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