Developing a Windows Phone 7 Application

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  1. David Henderson says:

    Hey Bill, long time no hear.

    Tell me some more about Mango (BTW, what’s with the fruit reference?) I still haven’t taken the plunge into WP7 because I am not completely convinced it’s competing well against the other smart phone platforms. Although I really want it to make headway, I will admit I am starting to lose faith. (Botching the first updates didn’t help.)

    Are there going to be big announcements about the short-term future plans for WP7 at Mix next month?

    (BTW, I wrote a WP7 app myself, but haven’t quite finished it. It is a Sudoku puzzle– at last check there were 20 other sudoku apps in the market place. I wrote it to learn Silverlight and WP7, so the competition doesn’t bother me. If you want to colaborate on some of those other ideas, I’d be interested.)

  2. Hey, David! Glad you dropped by. So Mango is the next big release of WP7, due out in the fall. It is a more major upgrade, and evidently what they wanted to deliver up front, but didn’t have time. We already know that there will be changes with the Dev Tools and API with Mango as well (was announced at Mobile World Congress last month). We won’t have details until, as you guessed, Mix in April. That’s where we’ll get more info.

    It’s cool that you wrote one, too. That’s why I did this one…was to get a feel for the platform. I would love to collaborate with you on some things…although almost all of my ideas and plans have to do with aviation…so if you’re cool with that, let’s rock and roll! 🙂 I’ve got waaaay more ideas than time…so everything takes too long.

    Did you do the Soduku puzzle in Silverlight or in XNA?

    Drop me a line (email or phone call) if you want to talk more.

  1. March 11, 2011

    […] and accepted into the Windows Phone Marketplace today.  For more information on the app, see my post from earlier this […]

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