New version of E6B Gizmo

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2 Responses

  1. CeridianMN says:

    Congrats on getting featured!

    Any tips on finding the time to get a small app or two out? Do you think it’s worth trying to work on creating apps before owning a phone? (I might be able to get one this fall.) This is coming from someone who does VB.NET development as a full-time job and has a 10 month old and 2.5 year old.

  2. Thanks! It should be no problem working on an app before getting a phone. I probably wouldn’t publish it until trying it on at least one real device…but you could send the XAP file to me and I could try it on a couple different devices. What were you thinking of building?

    Also, Beta 2 of the Mango tools were just released (and of course, as they all are forever, all the tools needed to build WP7 apps are free). That means you can start using the tools to target the Mango version of the platform due out this fall if your app needs any of the Mango goodness that is coming. At the very least you will want it to tombstone and rehydrate correctly for Mango so users can easily multi-task with it. And as far as I remember, all of the tools now include support out of the box (used to be just C#). If you have a version of Blend that supports Sketchflow, there is now a free download of sketchflow templates for WP7 that will help you quickly prototype your app and share with others for feedback before even coding.

    I say, go for it. If nothing else you’ll learn a thing or two along the way.

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