Bill Williams

Billwil.com is my main publishing point on the web.  I’m Bill Williams, a guy with a lot of interests, but unfortunately not much time.  I am a papa and a husband in the San Diego, CA area.  We recently relocated here from the Phoenix Valley where we have lived seemingly forever.  I have a wonderful wife, Crystal, and three great boys, Cayman, Merek, and Trey.

I work in technology, most recently in technical sales, but have a background in development, IT, consulting, and even professional real estate a long, long time ago.  Currently I am focusing on Windows Client technologies, including Windows 8.  I attended Arizona State University in both the Liberal Arts College as an Economics major and more recently in the Engineering College as a Computer Science and Engineering major.  I am as big a Sun Devil fan as they come…all sports.  Mostly I enjoy spectating Football, Basketball, and Baseball.

I love playing and participating in a lot of sports, though, including football, softball/baseball, basketball, cycling, running, racquetball, and even, to some extent out of necessity, swimming (I participate very infrequently in triathlon competitions).

As for my passions beyond my family; those include technology, general aviation, scuba diving, photography, videography, and sometimes even woodworking.  I’m a pilot, a certified scuba diver, and a somewhat adequate amateur photographer and videographer/editor.  I even dabble a bit in music production.

I also combine some of my passions into various endeavors, including producing a podcast on learning to fly called The Student Pilot Cast, and as a host on another long running aviation podcast, the Pilotcast.  I also combine my photography interests with my diving, and spend some energy producing underwater photos and videos.  I have a lot more content in the can, so to speak, than produced and published, but someday I may catch up (probably not).

So, welcome to my eclectic home on the web.  Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.  I have a few more places that I can be found:

With all of the things I’ve got going on, I really could use a little fuel myself.  Enjoy.