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Green Crude (Gas) Made From….Algae? 1

Green Crude (Gas) Made From….Algae?

As a SCUBA diver, and former marine aquarium junkie, I know a fair share about algae…you know, the nasty green or brown tiny plants that grow on the glass of an aquarium, or that...

Forza2 to Release in May 0

Forza2 to Release in May

So, the best auto sim on a gaming platform, IMHO, is going to be released in May.  Since they missed the Holiday ’06 target, I’ve been waiting on pins and needles.  I’m not much...

Mini Cooper Goodness 0

Mini Cooper Goodness

This is a great representation of what its like to drive a Mini.  Don’t leave anything loose in the car… Mini: Carbonated Posted Mar 22, 2007A Mini motors through the streets of San Francisco...