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Blog Migration! 0

Blog Migration!

Hey, everyone.  I just migrated my blog to WordPress (the software, not the site) from BlogEngine.NET.  I’ve been using the latter for quite a while now, and while fairly flexible and capable, I got...

Podcast Regularity Diversion 0

Podcast Regularity Diversion

A quick Photoshop session today after talking with David Allen produced this.  See my post on my Student Pilot Cast website for the background.  I’m still chuckling a little.

Davey Dance Blog 2

Davey Dance Blog

This just might be the best use I’ve seen yet of a video blog.  Unfortunately, you have to watch these online (not a podcast for downloading automatically from the RSS).  Worth it though.  This...

I Added My Cards 0

I Added My Cards

I’ve added my gamer card and my zune card to my blog, as you can see to the right ->.  I figured if I’m going to throw the details of my life out here...

Blog Software Update 0

Blog Software Update

Well, I finally got around to updating my blog software to something a little more modern that .text .9.  I’ve been playing around a bit with BlogEngine.NET, and version 1.2 was just released, so...