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Daily Flip 5 – SGTRI 2

Daily Flip 5 – SGTRI

Well, I did another triathlon last weekend, the SGTRI.  Actually, while a different race, it was the same venue from my first full tri which got cancelled due to weather after the swim.  This...

Daily Flip 4-Training 1

Daily Flip 4-Training

Matt and I are competing in the St. George Triathlon this Saturday, May 9th, so today’s daily flip was a nice easy training ride we took yesterday.  I’m not as prepared for this tri...

A Report from a First-Time ‘Almost’ Triathlete 0

A Report from a First-Time ‘Almost’ Triathlete

I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago, but better late than never.  A few months ago, as part of my overall effort to get back into shape, I decided to sign...